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Diamond Level

Association for Applied Sport Psychology

AASP is an international, multidisciplinary, professional organization with almost 3,000 members in 50+ countries worldwide, with backgrounds in a variety of areas including sport science, social work, counseling and clinical psychology

University of Windsor Faculty of Human Kinetics
University of Windsor Graduate Student Society
University of Windsor Student Life Enhancement Fund

The Student Life Enhancement Fund has been developed to support co-curricular activities that enhance student engagement and the student experience. Requests are considered from any recognized student group, club, or registered student, to support activities or events that contribute to the enhancement of student life, the campus community, and the larger Windsor/Essex County community.

University of Windsor Office of Research & Innovation
University of Western States

Help your clients cope with anxiety and pressure surrounding sport performance from whole-person health approach. Learn more about the sport and performance psychology and clinical mental health counseling graduate degree options from University of Western States.

Bronze Level

Windsor's Human Kinetics Society

HK Society is a group of undergraduate students that serve as the voice for the HK student body and bring forth various events aimed at enriching each individual Human Kinetics student’s university experience. From larger events, such as the HK Gala and HK Olympics, to smaller ones, like complementary food days and holiday decorations, the Human Kinetics Society is always working on finding the best ways to bring the social aspect of university to life.

Leadership Advancement for Women and Sport
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Leadership Advancement for Women and Sport (LAWS) is committed to enhancing gender equity in sport, recreation and physical activity through awareness, education and support in the creation of equitable opportunities for females over a lifespan.


 LAWS goal is to develop and promote public health by educating and instructing the public about the value of physical activity for females through research and documentation of the benefits of an active lifestyle and the barriers to equal access to sport. To educate the public about the physical, mental, social, and professional benefits of physical activity for females by offering courses, seminars, conferences, and meetings and by collecting and disseminating information on that topic.