Presentation Information

You will have 10 minutes to present with 3 minutes remaining for questions and answers. Please ensure you meet the time limit. You may be cut off by moderator if you presentation goes longer than the allocated time. 


Please submit your conference presentation to our team ahead of time. You may do so through this portal.

Make sure to note your submission ID (the ID is listed in your abstract acceptance email). 

Submitting your presentation will allow our team time to check your presentation for any errors and have your presentation ready for the conference session. We will not publish your presentation and we will delete the files from our servers after the conference is complete. Your presentation must be presented orally live and in-person - please do not submit a pre-recorded presentation or video. 


Conference presentations should be formatted as PowerPoint presentations (.ptt, .pttx) or PDF documents. Please contact us if you wish to submit your presentation in a different format. Please make sure your file is titled as “ID - surname, first name”. Ideally before submission, you should test if your conference presentation works on a PC running Windows 10 or greater. At times, transitions between presentations created in Mac to PC may run into formatting issues. 


Please finalize and submit your completed presentation to the portal by March 21st, 2022.